15th eawe PhD Seminar

29 - 31 October 2019 - Nantes, France


Scientific and social program are being prepared by the organization comittee with scientific talks, technical visits and friendliness.

A first idea of the program can be given:

  • On Monday 28 evening, an icebreaker event will be held
  • The conference will start on Tuesday 29 around 9:00 AM.
  • The gala dinner will be organized on Wednesday 30.
  • The last presentations will be given on Thursday 31 around 11:00 AM, and will be followed by a feedback session.
  • A visit of the FLOATGEN floating wind turbine is planned on Thursday afternoon, but is dependant on the weather conditions. As the weather will be splendid, we will come back at around 6:00 PM.

More information to come soon !


e-mail: phd2019@eawe.eu

Meeting hosted by: